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Extreme Motorcar Shop
Extreme Motorcar Shop

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

We focus on what YOU think is beautiful.

Is your car the classic of the past that you remember so fondly? Does she have to be restored exactly as she was when she left the factory? Then there lies her beauty.

Or do you have a concept as to how you would “change” your classic? We can help.
We can “customize” your treasure to meet your requirements.

Would you like a modern classic with an up to date drive train and suspension that is as reliable and fun as today's modern cars, but with the beautiful lines of the past?

Do you have a car that you have held on to “forever” and would like to “re-create” it into a “look-a-like” supercar of the past? Welcome to our home.

Maybe you already have a “supercar” but she needs “work”. Extreme Motorcar can help. Fresh paint, new interior, re-built motor and drivetrain. You have found us. Just how far do you want to go.

We will sit and consult with you and go over the details and options you will have. You will have a complete understanding of the process, the cost and time needed to complete your project. No matter how big the job or how small.

We are excited to meet someone new at the start of your project. We look forward to being friends at the end.

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